Are you a startup employee?

Do you own ESOPs?

Most startup employees become millionaires by luck

But only a few know and plan to be

Most startup employees lack ESOP knowledge

ESOPs can be game changing

Many young millionaires have reached the milestone, thanks to their shares in the startup they worked for. Lucky for them, their terms were well negotiated and they could actually turn their ESOPs to their bank balance.

99% of ESOPs go to waste.

Either the startup doesn’t get an exit or the employees don’t have favourable terms to exercise the options.

Don’t have ESOPs in your startup?


When should you ask for ESOPs

Keep it simple and direct with the founders

Ask for ESOPs when:

  1. You are giving your 100%
  2. You are a crucial member in the journey of your startup (you’ll know if you are)
  3. You want to work there even if you can get a higher paying job elsewhere
  4. You see the startup becoming huge

Your net worth is what you give time to

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Ishita Nigam

I asked, I got. Thanks to the Proffer team, I am now part owner in the startup I work for! ”

Karan Jethwani

“ I wish I knew all of this before accepting job offers from startups”


Kevin Adams

“Utterly impressive—nothing more needs to be said about these folks.”

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